Metal Group

Metal Group is a company that has been successfully operating on the market since 1997. We are increasingly trusted by our contractors.

We are putting the Polish employee at the forefront of Europe’s most desirable. Therefore, if you are interested in working for welders, or establishing a partnership whit us, you’ve come to the right adress.


Our work can be divided into several basic groups

Production and renovation of ocean containers
Steel exhaust
and conveyor belt designs
Construction and rebuilding of machinery according to technical drawings
Masts, collumns, cranes, griders and other components used for energy traction
Metal building elements — non-structural (stairs, balconies, railings, handrails etc.)
Metal building components – (steel structures of industrial halls, warehouse halls, etc.)
We specialize in the metals industry by conducting contracts across Europe. We provide welding services in the following methods: 111, 131, 135, 136, 141 and other professions related to the metal and construction sector.
We carry out many contracts in Europe. The main part of our orders is the construction of steel structures (both heavy and light), welding and repair of stainless steel tanks and containers as well as assembly works.


We are looking for employees with experience and knowladge of English, German or Dutch at the communicative level.

Offered work abroad is not only attractive financial conditions, free accommodation and commute to work, but also regular descents to Poland.

Moreover, by offering you a job abroad, we also provide the assistance of Polish coordinators.